If you’re only able to afford smaller apartments in South Charlotte NC, it can feel like you simply have too much stuff when you take a look


Sentimental Value

Take an inventory of all of the things you know you love and want to keep. Some items you own obviously have sentimental value

Emotionally Attached

It’s important to separate the items that have sentimental value versus the items that you have been emotionally attached to for years

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South Charlotte NC  Open Living Space


Smaller apartments in south charlotte nc may not have as much space as your previous home, but you’ll have plenty of open living space to organize your office

Make some rules for getting rid of things and think of them as guidelines as opposed to rules set in stone. It’s usually easiest to think of getting rid of items that are laying in the junk pile or in storage, as these are the items you haven’t used in years. When in doubt, you should ask a friend or family member to help you sort through items because they may tell you the truth regardless of what you want to hear.


For example, an item that belonged to a deceased relative or was given to you as a special gift is an item that will have sentimental value and add meaning to your life.


On the other hand, an outfit you wore to your favorite rock concert is mostly something you’re emotionally attached to but may not have space for. These items can easily be photographed and kept in a scrapbook so you can have them as a reminder of your special event.


It is possible to move into a smaller dwelling even if you’ve been used to living in a larger space. By culling the items you don’t need and properly organizing everything you own, you can make sure that your apartment life is going to be an enjoyable one.

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